Branch Out Sideshow Fundraiser

Attempting to break a Guinness World Record—for brain health!

Join us on September 23rd from 12-3pm in Vancouver, B.C at Vancouver Technical Secondary School for the first annual 'Branch Out Sideshow Fundraiser' as a supporting event for Branch Out Neurological Foundation. As a fundraiser initiative, Vincenzo Vipond will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for distance travelled simultaneously juggling three objects and unicycling.

Branch Out Neurological Foundation is a non-profit organization that funds tech solutions and non-pharmaceutical approaches to over 600 brain disorders.

In addition to attempting a world record, there will be experts presenting on their neurological knowledge combined with the entertaining acts of circus performers and door prizes!

This is a FREE / ALL AGES event.

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Meet the world record attempter:

 Vincenzo Vipond

Vinny has worn a lot of hats in his time. But nothing has ever gripped him quite like performance art does. From elementary school plays to street exhibitions to stage work both serious and silly, he can't turn down an opportunity to entertain. It was only a couple years ago that he found the circus arts, in particular the unicycle, which he now trains with almost exclusively.

Influenced throughout his life by the many friends and family touched by neurological ailments, when a friend challenged him to make something of his new found skills, the path was clear. He would use his talents to bring Branch Out’s mission to Vancouver and beyond. And he's inviting you to play your part too.

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Follow Vinny and his journey attempting to break a Guiness World Record:

Sideshow Presenters & Entertainers

Joining us on stage will be a number of organizations who work to support neurodegenerative patients and the science of brain health in a variety of ways, as well as a bevy of talented entertainers.

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All proceeds will be going towards the Branch Out Neurological Foundation


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